Meet Luke, Murphy, and Hoosier - the wagging tails that inspired two dogs and a cat.


Starting a small business from scratch had been settling in the back of my mind for a number of years. In 2014 my husband and I became empty nesters! As our schedules freed up we took more trips out of town. I quickly realized how often I visited specialty pet stores in search of new and interesting treats and toys to bring home to our kids (Luke, Murphy and Hoosier that is). 

I put the wheels into motion in late 2014 to start my own shop with the help of Ed Lockman from SCORE and Santiago Rodriguez from PNC Bank.

It has been a wild ride in this first year. We opened the doors April, 2015 and just celebrated our 1 year!

We can't think this community enough for the and support and for stopping by the shop with all the cutest pups!


Pam VanDeVoorde